Chen Xiaohong, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and his team investigated Central South Intelligence

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Chen Xiaohong, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and his team investigated Central South Intelligence


  Institute of Artificial Intelligence, and Chen Xiaohong, President of Hunan Business School, led a team to study at Zhongnan Intelligent Company. Liu Zheng, Party Secretary and Chairman of Huasheng Group, and Dr. Yang Wei, General Manager of Zhongnan Intelligent Company The research team participated in the discussion.



  Academician Chen Xiaohong and his entourage visited the company's science and technology exhibition hall, watched the company's promotional videos and smart product introduction videos, and went deep into the company's experimental workshop to learn more about the important progress and outstanding achievements of Zhongnan Intelligent in the fields of industry, scientific research, capital, etc., and listened to robots and industry. 4.0 Innovations in cutting-edge innovation in innovation centers and industrial Internet.



  At the subsequent symposium, Dr. Yang introduced the company's intelligent software and hardware products, technology research and development, application scenarios, and "smart +" industrial planning.



  Chairman Liu Zheng pointed out that after the reform and restructuring, the new Zhongnan Intelligence, as the only provincial-level state-owned intelligent manufacturing platform in Hunan Province, has stronger talent gathering ability and a larger development platform. In the future, Zhongnan Intelligent will stand firm and support its development with core technology. We look forward to establishing a high-quality school-enterprise cooperation platform with Academician Chen Xiaohong and Hunan Business School to explore the wider range of artificial intelligence in industrial and life scenes. application.



  Academician Chen Xiaohong fully affirmed the Zhongnan intelligent team and its achievements, and pointed out that with the advent of the 5G era, the construction of "smart +" application scenarios has risen to the national level, and the artificial intelligence and robotics industry is the support of the national strategy and society. The blue ocean that is urgently needed, Zhongnan Intelligent Station has stood at the commanding heights of industry and technology, and has ushered in the best development period. The cooperation between Hunan Business School and Hunan Artificial Intelligence Society and Zhongnan Intelligent will help promote the formation of a new 100 billion industrial cluster in Hunan Province. Academician Chen Xiaohong also put forward constructive opinions on the future development direction of Zhongnan Intelligent. The follow-up will carry out strategic cooperation with Zhongnan Intelligent in strategic research, production, study and school-enterprise cooperation.