Recommended talents have won Huawei mobile phones, the company is coming!

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Recommended talents have won Huawei mobile phones, the company is coming!


Recommended talents have won Huawei mobile phones

The company is coming!

  On April 3, the “Zhongnan Intelligent Talents Recommendation and Commendation Meeting” hosted by the Human Resources Department of the company was held in the audio-visual room on the first floor of the company. The heads of the company's general manager, human resources department, and Changtai Robotics Automotive Industry Division awarded honorary certificates and Huawei mobile phones, tablets and other beautiful prizes to the six outstanding referees who successfully recommended new employees.



  The person in charge of the Human Resources Department said at the opening of the commendation meeting, “Central South Intelligence attaches great importance to the internal talent recommendation project. It is an important recruitment channel for many excellent enterprises. We introduce the talents who join us to join others, achieve others while achieving others, and be like-minded. It is a happy thing for people to fight for the same ideal."

  During the commendation meeting, several excellent recommenders talked about their recommendation experience and feelings, and provided valuable suggestions for the company's future talent introduction. Chen Zhu of the Automotive Industry Division said that after he joined Zhongnan Intelligent, he spontaneously assumed the role of the company's "leading talent" and recommended two outstanding talents to join Zhongnan Intelligence. He admits, "The experience of the fighters brought by Zhongnan Smart has made me very determined to make my choice. This kind of experience has become a powerful driving force for me to continuously recommend talents for the company."




  As Dr. Yang Wei, the general manager of the company, said, “We are all a group of people who love the robot industry, are full of hearts for the motherland, and are committed to revitalizing and developing China’s high-tech equipment business!” With this common ideal, In 2019, only by striving to run can you achieve your dreams; only by being determined and courageous can you succeed. I hope that everyone will join hands and recommend more people with lofty ideals to join Zhongnan Intelligent, a platform that truly belongs to the strugglers, work together and work together to create a new era of Central South Intelligence!