Yang Wei: Leading the team to become one of the Gemini constellations in the national robot industry

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Yang Wei: Leading the team to become one of the Gemini constellations in the national robot industry


Character business card

  Yang Lan, 40 years old is still not satisfied, Yichang, Hubei, professor-level senior engineer. He is currently the general manager of Hunan Zhongnan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., the chairman of Changsha Changtai Robot Co., Ltd., the vice chairman of China Robot Industry Alliance, and the doctoral supervisor of Hunan University Graduate School.



  Yang Wei (right) looks at the key components of the robot and communicates technical details with the engineer. Changsha Evening News, full media reporter Yu Yushe

  Character story

  In the Zhongnan intelligent production workshop, Yang Lan pointed to a robot and introduced to the reporter: "This is the 'Changsha No.1' series of robots, which is a series of branded industrial robots independently developed and produced by our company. Made in the world in 2018. At the conference, the 'Changsha No.1' robot used a chime to play a song "Jasmine" and played a piano song "Singing China". In addition, it is widely used in aerospace military equipment, machinery, In the power industry, the assembly of Fengyun No. 4 meteorological satellite was completed by 'Changsha No.1'. Since 2016, it has never been used until now. At this time, Yang Lan’s face showed a proud smile. .

  Looking at the workshop workers in an orderly operation and commissioning, Yang Lan felt a lot of emotions inside. I recalled that the company started from a core team of 16 people (most of whom were in the field), developed a little bit, and was reborn with the help of the government. One of the Gemini constellations in the domestic robotics industry. In Changsha, a land that has been swaying for more than ten years of youthful blood, Yang Lan feels that he is one step closer to his dream. "My dream is to make Zhongnan Intelligence become Huawei in Hunan. I am very confident." The reporter saw Yang Lan. A firm look.

  Efforts to innovate: the industry's first international leading product evaluated by ministries

  Changtai Robot has accepted a ministry mission to apply some basic projects in the railway industry to robots. In the past three months, the intelligent equipment that Yang Hao led the team developed is not only stable, but also of excellent quality. It has never been replaced since 2008. Now the equipment has been exported to the United States, Pakistan, Russia and other places. In addition, the intelligent casting equipment they developed also occupied more than half of the market for internal combustion engine manufacturers such as FAW, Dongfeng, Weichai and Yunne. "I am most proud of the fact that we are not monopolizing the market through the background of central enterprises, but we are completely winning through technology. Now we see the trains and trains at the station. They use the equipment we produced ten years ago. Said Yang Lan.

  At this point, Changtai became a hit, and in 2008, the country did not identify scientific and technological achievements for a robot company. In that year, the Ministry of Railways organized experts to identify the robots cast by Yang Hao's team. The evaluation results were internationally leading and the first internationally advanced products in the Chinese robotics industry.

  Yang Lan told reporters that they made the first production line of Geely Emgrand in 2009 and began to break the monopoly of the US and Japan. Later, he and the team slowly discovered that the market demand for the output of a car fluctuated widely. The investment in a production line for a single model is huge. Therefore, Yang Lan began to consider whether he could make a flexible production line, produce different models on the same production line, and process different workpieces to better meet market demand. So in 2013, Yang Lan and Beiqi cooperated, and the first flexible production line in China was born.

  “Since 2013, after continuous improvement every year, we can now produce different models such as B40, B60 and B80 on this production line. We started to produce three models in one production line, and now we are getting more and more familiar. Last year, we took all the commercial vehicle models on the Dongfeng production line, and we can produce 11 models and more than 200 pieces in one production line."

  Government support: Changtai successfully transformed into a provincial state-owned Zhongnan Intelligent

  The development of any business is inseparable from the business environment. Yang Wei told reporters that the business environment in Changsha, Hunan is very good. With the support of various government departments at all levels, the robot industry has become an emerging strategic industry in Changsha, and the provincial state-owned enterprise Zhongnan Intelligent, which is transformed by Changtai, a subsidiary of the central enterprise, It has become one of the Gemini constellations in the domestic robot industry, “New Song in the North and Central South in the South”.

  "Two or three years ago, Changtai's parent company reorganized with another major central enterprise. Hunan Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and Changsha City seized the opportunity and said to the higher authorities that they hoped to acquire Changtai Robot by Hunan Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, because Hunan Province and Changsha needs, values ​​and is optimistic about the robot industry. When it comes to this, Yang Lan’s mood is a bit excited. He goes on to say: “I really appreciate the support and love of the province and the city for our company, otherwise our team may be scattered. . At that time, the secretary of the provincial state-owned assets committee came to our company to do research, and asked me how many people in the core team have gone. I said that one did not go. On the spot, he made up his mind to prepare to go to the superior department and the central enterprise group to do the docking, hoping to leave the fire of the robotic central enterprise team. ”

  "I was very impressed at the later matchmaking meeting. I felt that I had to do something in the robot industry. After a full 10 months of negotiations, Changtai was listed in the Beijing State-owned Assets and Property Rights Exchange Center. On behalf of the Hunan Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the Yuhua Economic Development Zone on behalf of Changsha City, the original Changtai management team jointly invested in the establishment of Zhongnan Intelligent, and then bought 100% of Changtai, but Yang Hao said.

  “Zhongnan Smart has grown very well in recent years, attracting a large number of talents, funds and technology. We sincerely thank all leaders at all levels.” Yang Lan said.

  For the art of employee management, Yang Lan used eight words to summarize: "Free the goodwill and stimulate the potential. In my opinion, to make a good product, it must be related to good character, we are in the process of work. It is also necessary to maintain a happy mood, such efficiency can guarantee that the developed products can reassure customers. I and the staff said that Huawei is much stronger than us, you must work hard and work harder than others to catch up. The pace of others. Our company is the busiest at 9:00 in the evening, everyone is working hard. We have an employee called Xiang Jianlin, who is from Sichuan. After coming to Zhongnan Smart, he feels that he has found a sense of belonging and is positive. In less than a year, it was rated as 'Yuhua Artisan'. The potential of the employees has come into play, and the benefits naturally come. Last year, our company had more than a dozen people with an annual salary of more than 500,000 yuan."

  Character testimony

  "If you just follow the imitation of others, others will not really teach you, international opponents will not respect you. We want to use the effort to tell the world that China can 'smart' robots. Thanks to Changsha's good business environment, let us be like a duck. !"——Yang Wei