Get on the train! The old driver tells you what the Industry 4.0 Innovation Center is.

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Get on the train! The old driver tells you what the Industry 4.0 Innovation Center is.


Hunan Zhongnan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. and Siemens, Germany

Are the old drivers of Industry 4.0.

The former has more than 110 application cases in the field of intelligent manufacturing applications.

The latter is even more

Is an advocate of Industry 4.0

Hunan Industry 4.0 Innovation Center is an Industry 4.0 Technology R&D Center and Industrial Development Promotion Center jointly built by Zhongnan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. and Changsha Municipal Government and the world-renowned German company Siemens.

Since the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement

The work of the Innovation Center is in the process of preparation

Construction and renovation work is also underway



  Recently, the Innovation Center operation team went to Chengdu High-tech Zone to inspect the Siemens Industrial Software Global R&D (Chengdu) Center and the Siemens Intelligent Manufacturing (Chengdu) Innovation Center, which were built locally, and learned about the construction experience and operation concept of the Chengdu Innovation Center. The two sides reached an intent to further promote exchanges and cooperation, innovate cooperation models, and broaden relevant issues in the field of cooperation.



  It is understood that Siemens Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Center aims to create digital examples for local enterprises, including intelligent manufacturing competence centers, professional laboratories, industry solution research centers and talent training platforms. The Smart Manufacturing Competence Center serves as a major focus of the Innovation Center and provides answers to the challenges of the Industry 4.0 vision.



  Hunan Industry 4.0 Innovation Center is the first innovation center established by Siemens with the theme of Industry 4.0. It is also the core R&D innovation experimental base in Central China. It will rely on Zhongnan intelligent rich application scenarios and Siemens Industry 4.0 technology, and universities and regions. The enterprises, technical experts and industry experts carry out extensive cooperation and are guaranteed by the scientific operation mechanism, making it an organic whole, forming an ecological manufacturing ecosystem and providing services for the entire industrial chain.

  The future focus of the Innovation Center is on the four major sectors. First, the Innovation Center should track the new development of intelligent manufacturing technology, promote the innovation and diffusion of intelligent manufacturing technology in Hunan. Secondly, it must meet the transformation and upgrading needs of Hunan traditional manufacturing industry and integrate resource services. Manufacturing enterprise transformation; the main task of the innovation center covers complete intelligent manufacturing solutions, providing full value chain services through public platforms; finally, the innovation center attracts and recruits high-end talents for intelligent manufacturing to the world, and conducts personnel training and vocational training in Hunan.

  In the future, the Innovation Center will follow the principle of high starting point and high positioning, base on Changsha and radiate across the country. Under the guidance of “Made in China 2025”, it will vigorously promote the clustering of intelligent manufacturing, boost the construction of artificial intelligence and robot industry chain, and help Changsha to build “National The Intelligent Manufacturing Center, Hunan Province has created the “China Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Leading Area” and the national “Smart +” blueprint.