Layout 5G era, Zhongnan intelligent acceleration industry AI process

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Layout 5G era, Zhongnan intelligent acceleration industry AI process


  The 5G era has now seen the glimmer of pre-dawn, which has changed not only the concept of mobile phones and driverlessness around us. 5G technology has been gradually integrated into daily life and manufacturing in the form of fine and silent materials. Future 5G applications will cover three typical scenarios: eMBB (Enhanced Mobile Broadband), mMTC (large-scale Internet of Things, more called massive machine-like communication), and uRLLC (ultra-reliable ultra-low latency communication) "Broadband" refers to the further improvement of user experience and other performance on the basis of existing mobile broadband services; "Ultra-reliable and low-latency" is a new 5G expansion scenario, focusing on solving the Internet of Things that traditional mobile communication cannot support. And vertical industry applications, in the face of high reliability and delay requirements, need to provide users with millisecond-level end-to-end delay and close to 100% of business reliability assurance; "mass machine communication" It provides high-capacity, high-density user data transmission for local hotspots.

  Central South Intelligent Reserve Force meets the 5G era



  Based on artificial intelligence, knowledge map, industrial software, 5G and other technologies, Hunan Zhongnan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. will build an efficient and standard industrial Internet platform for manufacturing enterprises, and build a standardized open ecology to achieve "safety and innovation." , interconnection and wisdom will help SMEs reduce costs and improve efficiency, accelerate the transformation and upgrading from traditional manufacturing to high-end intelligent manufacturing, and strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises in the market. At present, the idea of complete solutions and R&D products based on 5G intelligent equipment and flexible production lines is mainly carried out in the following aspects.




  Intelligent production line greets 5G

  The 5G network enhances mobile broadband, low latency, high reliability, and massive connectivity, which greatly enhances intelligent processing capabilities by migrating to the cloud. It makes it possible to obtain comprehensive and timely information on production factors, making closed-loop control applications a reality through wireless network connections.


  Internet of Things

  5G technology has promoted the development and landing of large-scale Internet of Things applications. Make full use of physical models, sensor updates, operating history and other data to achieve multi-dimensional dynamic digital mapping, reflecting the corresponding life cycle process of physical equipment and products.




  Intelligent logistics

  From warehouse management to logistics and distribution, it requires extensive coverage, deep coverage, massive connections, and low-cost connectivity technologies. In addition, the end-to-end integration of virtual factories spans the entire lifecycle of a product, connecting a wide range of sold merchandise, as well as low-power, low-cost and wide-coverage networks, horizontal integration within or between enterprises. There is also a need for ubiquitous networks, and 5G networks are well suited to meet these needs.


  Industrial AR

  5G's large bandwidth, high reliability, low latency, can play a more important role in the production process of smart factories, and because of the high flexibility and versatility of the factory in the future, this is higher for the factory floor staff. Requirements to quickly meet the needs of new tasks and production activities. In the intelligent manufacturing process, we will realize the man-machine cooperation, dynamic assembly process guidance, remote expert business support and other applications through AR and other technologies to improve the efficiency of production activities.




  moving robot

  The 5G network is an ideal communication network for mobile robots. It has enhanced mobility, high reliability, and low latency. It is free from the shackles of cable through 5G networks, making mobile robot applications possible. In smart manufacturing production scenarios, mobile robots have the ability to self-organize and collaborate to meet flexible production, ensuring that factories can quickly and cost-effectively switch production between different types of product lines and adapt quickly to change.



  Although Zhongnan Intelligent has explored many aspects of 5G network applications, the application of 5G is far more than the above scenarios. In the future, 5G-based industrial Internet will release countless possibilities. Zhongnan Intelligent will introduce advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, knowledge maps and application modules, build and improve 5G-based industrial Internet platform, and create more efficient and convenient service mechanisms for more manufacturing industries. To promote innovation and efficient development of the manufacturing industry.