The smile in the team is the most beautiful scenery of Central South Intelligence - remember the company's first training in 2019

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The smile in the team is the most beautiful scenery of Central South Intelligence - remember the company's first training in 2019




  The team collaborates and grows in happiness, and the smile blooms on the face of every little partner. It is the most beautiful scenery of Central South Intelligence. On April 18th, 30 employees of Changtai Robot Vehicle Industry Division, Manufacturing Department, General Manager Office and Human Resources Department of the parent company jointly launched the first phase of 2019 expansion training. With the theme of “communication, smelting team, pursuing excellence and surpassing self”, the activity aims to enhance mutual understanding among employees, enhance team cohesion and overall centripetal force, and we are more concerned about letting friends relax themselves after work. At the same time, feel the care of the company and its friends.

  It coincides with the spring of the park, and the blue sky and white clouds and the green flowers are against each other. It is very pleasant to carry out outdoor development. The first part of the expansion is the “Ice-breaking Game”, which divides 30 members into three groups, asking everyone to make full use of their creativity – taking the team name, the team number, selecting the team song and designing the team flag and logo, and To be displayed in a unique way. Although the materials of the small partners are limited, the red heart and the love of the team totem make people feel the pride and love of the team and the company.

  In the competition between creativity and collaboration, the three teams have their own style.



  This is followed by the “Rapid Fax” link. The “Fast Fax” project is divided into 7 rounds. Each round is closely related and independent. It is possible to examine whether each team can quickly identify the rules from the numerous digital information and achieve the ultimate goal through efficient communication and tacit cooperation. In the competition, each team made every effort. Although they made a lot of mistakes, every time they made mistakes, they summed up and improved in time. Everyone can learn to understand and forgive, comprehend and grow in mistakes.

  The smiles of the little friends are guarded by the company.



  Finally, everyone also summarized the activities in the afternoon: Some small partners said that this expansion witnessed the team's generation, integration, display, saw the strengths and weaknesses of their team, and felt the importance of cooperation and communication. There are also small partners who say that they are pioneering and self-exciting in the aftermath of intense work. After experiencing the joy of success brought by dedication, collaboration and courage, they deeply feel the essence of "responsibility, collaboration and self-confidence". Of course, this expansion training is only the first round of expansion activities carried out in 2019. The follow-up activities will be carried out in the near future, so that the smiles of the friends will continue to be on the beautiful and lush fertile soil of the park!



  Everyone will be conscientiously written down, and in the midst of happiness, the harvest will be quite fruitful.