Deng Junmin, Chairman of Xiangtou Holding Group, and his team investigated Central South Intelligence

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Deng Junmin, Chairman of Xiangtou Holding Group, and his team investigated Central South Intelligence


  On the morning of April 25th, Deng Junmin, party secretary and chairman of Xiangtou Holding Group, went to Zhongnan Intelligent Company to investigate and participate in the discussion. Liu Zheng, secretary of the party committee and chairman of Huasheng Group, presided over the discussion, Yuhua District Party Committee Standing Committee, Yuhuajing Guo Sijun, secretary of the Party Committee of the Kailuan District, participated in the survey. Dr. Yang Wei, General Manager of Central South Intelligence, reported the overall situation of the company.




  Deng Junmin and his entourage visited the company's science and technology exhibition hall, and went deep into the company's intelligent workshops and industrial park site inspections to learn more about the company's achievements in the independent research and development of high-end intelligent equipment and the industrial intelligent transformation and upgrading of key application fields. During the inspection, he discussed the industry-related issues, inquiries about product features and advantages from time to time, and made guidance from time to time.





  At the subsequent symposium, Guo Sijun said that the achievements of Central South Intelligence were hard-won. It is necessary to further focus on the research and development of fist products, build their own industrial parks at an early date, and promote the company to become stronger and stronger. The Yuhua Economic Development Zone will continue to provide super-normal support.

  Liu Zheng said that Zhongnan Intelligence is an important platform for Hunan's state-owned capital to deploy intelligent manufacturing industry. Talents gathering, scientific research and innovation, and rapid development are a rare platform for technological innovation. It is necessary to seize the favorable opportunity and take advantage of the trend.

  Deng Junmin affirmed the Central South Intelligence team and the development results, and praised Zhongnan Intelligence for its cultivation. He pointed out that the development of Zhongnan intelligence has been refreshing to the present, the number of application scenarios ranks first in the industry, and the level of industrial robot research and development and automation system integration technology is relatively high. Deng Junmin also pointed out the future development direction for Zhongnan Intelligent. He emphasized that Zhongnan Intelligent should form a stronger core competitiveness in the future, enhance its technological competitiveness on the basis of existing advantages, and further focus on the broad market prospect and high technical threshold. The industry is getting better and stronger. He also said that the Xiangtou Holding Group strongly supports the work of Zhongnan Intelligence, such as the high-end galvanometer project.

  Shi Xiaoming, member of the party committee of the Xiangtou Holding Group, director and chief accountant, and Xiao Qunfeng, chief engineer of Huasheng Group, accompanied the investigation.