Empowering "smart +" to make the company more technological

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Empowering "smart +" to make the company more technological


  Empowering "smart +" to make the company more technological

  In the "smart +" era, only by continuing to empower, can we continuously improve the technology and R&D capabilities of the company. Innovative solutions enable companies to achieve “non-linear” growth and escape the storm of competition into the blue ocean.



  From April 18th to 26th, 2019, Zhongnan Intelligent and Hunan Industrial 4.0 Innovation Center jointly established by Changsha Municipal Government and Siemens of Germany cooperated with the Human Resources Department of the company to organize a plant simulation software training and empower internal engineers. Customers provide a solid foundation for better digital factory and digital twin solutions.

  The training lasted for 9 days and the company's 12 professional and technical backbones participated. At the opening ceremony, Dr. He Li, the company's deputy general manager, made an important speech. He pointed out that the key to improving the application level of industrial software is to strengthen the construction of industrial software talents. I hope that everyone can achieve success and continue to be a company in their respective jobs. Contributions to technological advancement and business development.



  On-site training

  The training consists of three parts: theoretical lectures, software operations, and case studies. Mr. Wang Dapeng, a technical expert from Siemens, brought a rigorous and professional Plant Simulation simulation training course to the trainers. In-depth explanation of the history, application scenarios and functional means of the current Plant Simulation software, the analysis of the application of the factory simulation software technology in the factory project process, and the detailed sharing through the practical guidance, project case discussion and other methods. The training model, which is closely integrated with theory and practice, not only greatly improves the quality of training, but also enables trainers to feel more intuitive digital information technology. In addition, in order to further test and consolidate the effect of the training and learning, a one-day theoretical and practical assessment was conducted on April 26th. All the trainees passed the strict assessment, and also showed a pragmatic learning style. Learned well and learned solidly.

  In order to better summarize the effectiveness of the training and encourage outstanding students with outstanding performance, the grand closing ceremony was held on the afternoon of April 29th. The lecturer Wang Dapeng summarized the learning situation of the participants and The trainees will continue to learn in the future and have made specific path guidance. Finally, the deputy general manager of the company, Dr. He Li, sent a message to all the trainees to learn, gain success, and learn to inherit. I hope everyone will cherish and use all kinds of learning provided by the company. Opportunities and resources, constantly improve their technical capabilities, and achieve the common development of individuals and companies.



  Dr. He Li, Deputy General Manager of the company, sent a message to the students

  In the "smart +" era, only by continuing to empower, can we continuously improve the technology and R&D capabilities of the company. Innovative solutions enable companies to achieve “non-linear” growth and escape the storm of competition into the blue ocean. As the only provincial intelligent manufacturing comprehensive service platform in Hunan Province, the company will continue to promote cooperation with the world's leading enterprises based on years of experience and solutions in intelligent manufacturing, and continue to perform internal empowerment. First of all, based on our large Hunan, we will provide our customers with a digital factory overall solution to make your business more technological.


  1. What is plant simulation?

  Tecnomatix Plant Simulation is an object-oriented, graphical, integrated modeling, simulation tool that meets object-oriented requirements for system architecture and implementation. The software provides functions such as factory simulation, parts production, assembly planning and verification, enterprise design and optimization, and production process management, which can effectively meet the needs of engineers for complex simulations. The software can model, simulate and optimize production systems for factories and production lines of all sizes, including large multinational companies, analyze and optimize production layout, resource utilization, capacity and efficiency, logistics and supply and demand chains.

  2. What value can we bring to our customers through plant simulation and our solutions?

  Increase productivity of existing production facilities by 15%-20%

  Reduce investment in planning new production facilities by 20%

  Reduce inventory and production time by 20%-60%

  Optimize system size, including buffer size

  Maximize the use of production resources

  Improve production line design and schedule