Chain people 8 | artificial intelligence, seemingly invisible but tangible

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Chain people 8 | artificial intelligence, seemingly invisible but tangible






  (He Li said: "Half of our employees are foreigners, but they are all new Changsha people.")

  After the 80s, Dr. He Li was born and raised in Changsha. In 2018, he joined the Hunan Zhongnan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongnan Intelligent”) as a director and deputy general manager. Together with him, Zhongnan Intelligent, which is rooted in Changsha, is the only provincial-level comprehensive intelligent manufacturing platform in Hunan Province. It does not directly manufacture products, but most of them fly in the sky, run on the ground, and swim in the water. The audience who watched the movie "War Wolf 2" may remember that Wu Jing drove the "Chariot" Beiqi BJ40 galloping desert. This anti-pressure and crash-resistant off-road vehicle was specially customized on the flexible production line provided by Zhongnan Intelligent.

  Speaking of the little friends around, the gift is very proud. “Half of our employees are foreigners, but they are all new Changsha people.” He said that Zhongnan Smart is a “research and development engineer company” because most of the company’s more than 200 employees are engineers. The company has more patents than its employees. At the same time, Zhongnan Smart is also a young company. The average age of engineers is only about 30 years old, and the management is mostly after 80s and 90s.



  (With Zhongli, Zhongnan Smart, which is rooted in Changsha, is the only provincial-level comprehensive intelligent manufacturing platform in Hunan Province.)

  The young blood allows Zhongnan Smart to move forward in the emerging industry and adapt quickly to the changing market environment. In the 126 robot application scenarios counted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Zhongnan Intelligent has all 10 categories, more than 110 application scenarios, and the “all-round” industrial chain plus a visual positioning system with an accuracy of 0.01 mm, which enables it to provide intelligent manufacturing. A full-cycle, full-industry chain solution. From a small workstation to a production line, up to the entire digital factory, it can help the production company. It’s a perfect fit to describe it with “young promising”.

  However, the road ahead for emerging companies will inevitably encounter storms. Founded in 2008, Changtai Robot Co., Ltd. encountered bottlenecks due to various reasons. “Even in the most difficult time, Changtai Robot still did not think about leaving Changsha. The company’s senior and key core personnel insisted on the initial heart and continued to take root here without any loss.” He Li believes that this is largely due to the quality Business environment. “It is the support and services from the provinces, cities, districts and parks that allow everyone to stick to their posts and open their arms and do well.”



  (The error intelligent correction system developed by Changsha Changtai Robot Co., Ltd.)

  “The Yuhua Economic Development Zone is positioned with 'new energy vehicles + artificial intelligence and robots', which coincides with the main business of Zhongnan Intelligent Industrial Robots. Just one kilometer away from us, Changsha BYD Auto Co., Ltd. The energy automobile business has also been booming. The park has taken the initiative to actively bridge the gap, opened up the cooperation channel between the new energy automobile industry chain and the intelligent manufacturing and robot industry chain, and realized the synergy and capitalization of the two industrial chains. Let the transformation and digestion of intelligent manufacturing be carried out locally.” He Li said that for the one-kilometer business, leaders at various levels traveled to and from Changsha and Shenzhen several times, ran for half a year, and ran half a China, finally 2019 1 The month facilitated cooperation and signed an order for a new energy vehicle production line of tens of millions of yuan.

  "If we say that we are the leader in the industry chain, then we have the responsibility to combine Changsha's local advantages and drive other companies to develop together. We learn from each other's strengths, work together to carry out technical research, and complete major projects together." Heli believes that Hunan's college resources are extremely Advantage. Recently, Zhongnan Intelligent has reached a strategic cooperation with Hunan Business School. Academician Chen Xiaohong, chairman of the Hunan Artificial Intelligence Society, will also build the academician workstation in Zhongnan Intelligence. This means that the company will open up a new world in terms of smart manufacturing, artificial intelligence, big data, and the development of the industrial Internet.



  (Small to a workstation, to a production line, to the entire digital factory, Zhongnan Intelligent can help the production enterprises. Pictures are taken by Star All-Media Reporter Chen Cheng)

  On May 15, 2019, Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition was opened at the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center. In addition to on-site demonstration of the self-developed Changsha No.1 and Zhongnan No.1 robots, Zhongnan Intelligent also unveiled the DexterPlat series of omnidirectional mobile robots jointly developed with universities. This company, rooted in Changsha, shines at its home. He Li said that Zhongnan Smart is the secretariat unit of Hunan Intelligent Manufacturing Standardization Technical Committee. In recent years, Zhongnan Intelligent hopes to cooperate with Hunan's robots and intelligent manufacturing enterprises to build Hunan standards for intelligent manufacturing. It also hopes to promote Hunan standards to the whole country. Seize the opportunity in the industrial chain. “Central South Intelligence has been working hard to make Changsha the world's construction machinery capital.”



  The creation of inventions and technological production is like an internal combustion engine that provides source power and pushes the wheels of history to roll forward. Humanities and social sciences are like a helm, grasping the direction on the way forward, and correcting the deviation of the track one inch at a time. They have no touchable entities, but they are closely related to each human individual.

  In the current real world, Zhongnan Smart provides services to enterprises and does not directly deal with a certain consumer. However, the products produced by enterprises are closely linked to the consumption habits and consumption needs of everyone in the contemporary era. For example, the emergence of flexible production lines, allowing cars to be updated more quickly, adding acceleration to life, allowing people to enter the future with a running attitude.

  During the interview, I couldn't help but imagine that there was a small bellows in the engineer's head, which was constantly agitated day and night, producing all kinds of whimsy. In the era of Industry 4.0, the form of wisdom transformation is not only the steam that rises, but also the password of the electrical and information interaction that makes people shine. It is quieter and more unpredictable.

  Maybe in the near future, when you run in the morning, you will be a smart robot. In the social division of labor cooperation, ta is your working partner, after the card is off work, ta is your friend. One day, we will always find that the sci-fi movies of adolescence are not so sci-fi, and childhood illusions have become reality. Human wisdom makes the future a reality.



  Artificial Intelligence and Robot Industry Chain

  As one of the key emerging industrial chains in Changsha, the artificial intelligence and robot industry chain has gradually formed a “full industrial chain” covering R&D, design, production, sales and training, which provides strong support for the upgrading of intelligent manufacturing lines. According to enterprise statistics, the operating income in the first quarter was 1 billion, an increase of 21%. (Xingchen All-Media Reporter Hu Wei-nan Chen Cheng He Yuxiang Trainee Reporter Zhang Qitao)