Seven days and five places, Zhongnan smart to the United States road show promotion

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Seven days and five places, Zhongnan smart to the United States road show promotion


  From May 10th to 16th, Hunan Zhongnan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., as one of the representatives of the Changsha delegation, went to the United States to participate in the 4th China-US Innovation and Investment Matching Conference. During the seven-day trip to the United States, Dr. Yang Wei, the general manager of the company, and Dr. He Li, the deputy general manager of the company, also visited the five places in the United States intensively, conducted two talent exchange meetings, and three road show presentations to promote the team building and project docking.



  On May 11th and 12th, Zhongnan Intelligent jointly held two high-end talent exchanges and job fairs at Intercontinental Hotel in Los Angeles and UCLA, attracting a large number of experts and scholars from the intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet industries to communicate and submit resumes. The two sides discussed the industry-leading technology and products, and the future development trend, and the atmosphere was warm.



  From May 13th to 15th, Zhongnan Intelligent held three company presentations and project matching meetings at the Atlanta City Hall, Georgia Institute of Technology, and the Westin Houston Hotel to introduce the company's own scientific research and technology advantages. Industry upstream and downstream demand, and in-depth discussion on the cooperation of related projects.



  On May 16, the 4th China-US Innovation and Investment Matchmaking Conference opened in Houston, USA. Steve Adler, Mayor of Austin, Texas, Li Qiangmin, Consul General of the Chinese Consulate General in Houston, and Charles, President of the US-China Innovation Alliance Council Foster, Zhu Jian, deputy secretary of the Changsha Municipal Party Committee of Hunan Province, attended and delivered speeches. More than 70 American companies and about 200 Chinese companies attended the conference. As a representative of the company, Dr. He Li was interviewed by many media at home and abroad, focusing on the current development of the company, the good business environment in Changsha and the cooperation results achieved by the bank.



  It is reported that the China-US Innovation and Investment Matchmaking Conference has been successfully held for three times since 2016. It has become the most important cooperation platform for Sino-US cooperation in the field of scientific and technological innovation, effectively promoting the connection between Chinese capital and market and American innovation. Changsha is the guest city of the conference and the location of the “Chuangzhixing” China-US Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Finals. Zhongnan Intelligent took this conference as an opportunity to take the initiative to accelerate the introduction of more high-end talents and advanced projects, promote the realization of technological innovation with the innovative practices of talents and projects, and ultimately promote the company's leap-forward development.