Helping intelligent education and exploring a new model of integration of production and education

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Helping intelligent education and exploring a new model of integration of production and education


  Zhongnan Intelligent signed a school-enterprise strategic cooperation agreement with Hunan Railway Technology Vocational and Technical College

  On the morning of June 13, the signing ceremony for the strategic cooperation between Hunan Zhongnan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. and Hunan Railway Technology Vocational and Technical College was held in Room 311 of the Office of Railway Science and Technology College. Dr. Yang Wei, general manager of the company, and Dr. He Li, deputy general manager, attended the signing ceremony. Dai Lianhua, Dean of the School of Railway Science and Technology, Yuan Wuqing, Vice President, Wang Yuhui, Dean of the Railway Locomotive School, and the head of the college and professional leaders attended the signing ceremony.



  Dai Lianhua, Dean of the College, and Dr. Yang Wei, General Manager of the company introduced the background of cooperation between the school and the enterprise respectively and signed the “Strategic Cooperation Agreement” between the school and the enterprise.



  The two sides will rely on the cooperation between schools and enterprises, take professional development as the link, and cultivate technical and skilled talents as the main content, with teaching, training, scientific research and social services as the main content, and follow the "resource sharing, talent co-education, process co-management, results The principles of school-enterprise cooperation, such as sharing, responsibility sharing, and win-win cooperation, jointly formulate and revise the intelligent manufacturing technology and other professional talent training programs; build a school-enterprise integration training base and implement the “1+X” certificate. Institutions; establish a mutual exchange mechanism between teachers and enterprises to work and enterprise experts to the part-time teaching of the college, form a two-way communication and mutual employment mechanism for school teachers and enterprise technicians; jointly build and build a basic research based on industrial application and social public service coordination Innovation Center, joint technical research and social services.

  The Railway Technology Institute is born of railways, long with railways, and is driven by railways. It has distinctive characteristics of the rail transit industry. Over the years, the College has been committed to researching and solving practical problems in the rail transit industry and serving local economic development by building high-speed railway operation safety engineering technology research centers and academician workstations, and has cultivated a large number of outstanding enterprises and countries. High-quality technical skills. Zhongnan Intelligent is a provincial-level state-owned intelligent manufacturing platform approved by the Hunan Provincial State-owned Assets and Administration Commission in accordance with the requirements of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government. Based on Hunan, facing the world, relying on independent innovation and technology introduction, and focusing on industrial robot technology, the company is committed to the whole industry. Chain intelligent manufacturing products and services provide the best intelligent solutions for different application areas. Zhongnan Intelligent and College will establish a long-term, stable and close deep school-enterprise cooperation relationship, strengthen cooperation between industry, universities and research institutes, and cultivate innovative technical and technical talents for the development of China's intelligent manufacturing industry. At the same time, Zhongnan Intelligent will help the Railway Technology Institute in the field of intelligent manufacturing to realize the transformation and upgrading of the intelligent manufacturing profession.