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Casting is the foundation of industry. In the field of intelligent casting, Zhongnan Intelligent's products and services cover almost the whole process of the entire casting field. We have provided se
The most widely used robot company in China
The most widely used robot company in China
  We have nearly 110 different automation application scenarios in the top 10 application categories manufactured in China, which is the most in the industry (the total number of domestic robot application scenarios counted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is 126). The project has rich experience and customers all over the country.
Covering top ten car manufacturers
Covering top ten car manufacturers
  In the field of automotive intelligent manufacturing, our products and services cover the top 10 auto manufacturers in China. Among the top 6 automakers in China, 4 are Zhongnan intelligent long-term service customers, including: FAW, Second Auto, Beiqi and auspicious.
Casting industry chain application
Casting industry chain application
  Casting is the foundation of industry. In the field of intelligent casting, Zhongnan Intelligent's products and services cover almost the whole process of the entire casting field. We have provided services for casting intelligent production lines and intelligent equipment for trucks, trains, missiles and rockets.
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