Robot automatic tin-casting grinding workstation

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Robot automatic tin-casting grinding workstation

● The grinding system consists of grinding unit, handling system, conveying system, pneumatic system, hydraulic system, electronic control system (including touch screen) and security defense system.
● The grinding system consists of grinding unit, handling system, conveying system, pneumatic system, hydraulic system, electronic control system (including touch screen) and security defense system.
● Achieve the cleaning of residual root and front for 6DL & 6DM series cylinder head riser, and compatible to other cylinder heads.
● Grinding system can automatically complete the grinding, transporting and unloading process, except the loading process which is completed manually.
● Production efficiency of the grinding system is more than 60 pieces/h, residual height of the front after the grinding process is -0.5-1mm, and roughness grade reaches Rz50.
● Grinding system, by virtue of the high flexibility of robots, is adaptable to various specifications and varieties and complex structure and shape of castings. Especially when the internal cavity of casting is complicated, the flexibility of robots will be brought into full play.
● Break the technology bottleneck that cannot be achieved by manual labor and traditional equipment.