Dongfeng light truck welding production line

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Dongfeng light truck welding production line

The main function of the light truck body welding line integration project is to realize the main body assembly such as the floor assembly, left/right side assembly and top cover assembly
The main function of the light truck body welding line integration project is to realize the main body assembly such as the floor assembly, left/right side assembly and top cover assembly of 9 kinds of B07 models of Dongfeng Light Truck Company and 2 kinds of F91A models. The combined welding of components is the core equipment for automatic production of body-in-white.
The light truck body welding line integration project has the following characteristics:
● Meet multi-model collinear production (9 major models)
● Meet various production methods such as mass production and random production
● Continuous production with high beats of 40JPH mixed products, leading domestically
● High production efficiency (the system has more effective production time and less auxiliary time for transmission switching)
● Modular design, high reliability, low failure rate, easy maintenance
● New models are easy to invest and have good system scalability
● High quality assurance (flexible, high rigidity and high precision)
● Try to occupy as little space as possible and not on the site
There are special restrictions (height, pits, etc.)
● Low comprehensive cost of equipment investment