Aerospace 800 casting polishing project

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Aerospace 800 casting polishing project

● Casting material: magnesium alloy (magnesium content up to 90%)● Realize functions: vertical cutting, face milling, internal grinding● Advanced: using the visual + laser measurement method
● Casting material: magnesium alloy (magnesium content up to 90%)
● Realize functions: vertical cutting, face milling, internal grinding
● Advanced: using the visual + laser measurement method to achieve the inner cavity grinding accuracy ± 0.1mm
● For the first time, domestic robots are used in the aerospace field.
The system is a robot grinding system, which consists of intelligent industrial robots, grinding tools, control equipment, fixtures and other peripheral auxiliary equipment hardware systems and configuration software systems.
Aiming at the material characteristics and increasingly complex structural features of lightweight high-strength light-alloy castings for aerospace products, the flexible automatic grinding process of casting surfaces, the path planning based on inspection data, and the active vibration suppression technology of automatic grinding process are studied to develop aerospace lightweight high-strength materials. The flexible fixtures of typical complex parts, develop automatic grinding tools, process parameters, processing trajectory and other multi-constrained surface grinding process optimization integration scheme, forming a high-efficiency, high-quality processing technology for aerospace lightweight high-strength alloy components. The application of high-efficiency machining technology is realized by using typical products of large-size guide rail workpieces as application objects.