Accelerate the upgrade with intelligent robots with professional robots

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Accelerate the upgrade with intelligent robots with professional robots


  [China Intelligent Manufacturing Network Enterprise News] At the 3rd China (Changsha) Network Security and Intelligent Manufacturing Conference held by the Changsha National Convention and Exhibition Center on November 28-30, this reporter interviewed Dr. He Li, the Deputy General Manager of Zhongnan Smart. The company's current development, products, technology and future plans for the entire market have been in-depth exchanges.

  In recent years, the manufacturing industry has become one of the pillar industries of the national economy. The world is actively deploying and developing smart manufacturing. Various countries have successively issued a number of policies and strategies, hoping to promote the improvement of their manufacturing level, and many enterprises We are also actively pursuing the segmentation of smart manufacturing, with a view to promoting rapid industry upgrades through innovation in technology and products.

  Among them, intelligent equipment is undoubtedly the most concerned point in many manufacturing fields, and robots are the key to the development of intelligent equipment. Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of supporting technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and Internet of Things, the level of intelligence of robots is getting higher and higher, and the application in industrial manufacturing is more and more extensive. Robots have gradually become the focus of industrial digital transformation. The weight of the middle.

  At the 3rd China (Changsha) Network Security and Intelligent Manufacturing Conference held at the Changsha Convention and Exhibition Center on November 28-30, the intelligent manufacturing high-end equipment represented by robots became a self-contained museum, attracting many companies to communicate and Show. Hunan Zhongnan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongnan Intelligent”), as a technological innovation enterprise with industrial robot technology as its core and providing intelligent equipment, solutions and services for the manufacturing industry, is also actively participating in the exhibition and gaining attention.



The company's deputy general manager He Li accepted this website interview

  At the scene, China Intelligent Manufacturing Network reporter had the opportunity to interview Dr. He Li, the company's deputy general manager, and had a detailed exchange with him on the company's products, technology, development and future planning, and had a deeper understanding of Zhongnan Intelligent.

  According to General Manager He, Zhongnan Intelligent is actually a young "old" company. The company was formerly known as the Changtai robot of the central enterprise Zhongguang. It was only recently acquired by Zhongnan Intelligent in February 2018. For this Changsha exhibition, the company has a significant local operational advantage, because the company has been approved by the Hunan Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission as a provincial-level state-owned intelligent manufacturing platform since its inception in Changsha in February 2017, and is committed to advanced manufacturing technology and High-quality robot products serve the important mission of the province's enterprise development.

  At present, although the scale of the company is not large, but with advanced technology, high-quality talents and good research and development foundation, it has already had nearly 110 different automation application scenarios in the top 10 application categories manufactured in China, becoming the industry's best ( A total of 126 domestic robot application scenarios are counted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The company not only has nearly 200 invention patents, but also ranks among the top three in the country in terms of patent acquisition rate. It also has a national key laboratory for robot vision and perception, Tsinghua University's first academician workstation in Hunan Province, and provincial and municipal enterprise technology centers. , as well as postdoctoral research stations.

  With these resources, facilities and technologies as the foundation support, in recent years, Zhongnan Intelligent has achieved remarkable results in product development and innovation. It is understood that the company on the spot brought two star products, Changsha No. 1 and Zhongnan No. 1.



Company product reality

  Among them, Changsha No. 1 is the first local industrial robot in Hunan Province independently developed by Zhongnan Intelligent, which is the representative of the hardware of China's robot control system. It has a sophisticated appearance, smooth line design, and high-intensity workability, and can be widely used in industries with high labor intensity, high risk and high environmental cleanliness requirements.

  Zhongnan No. 1 is a multi-functional robot that continues the research and development technology and advantages of Changsha No. 1, and has good application value in the fields of automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, rail transit, aerospace and civil explosion. Therefore, once the product was introduced, it quickly occupied the market with its high performance and low cost. It not only brought high-quality solutions for industrial robots to many industry customers, but also broke the monopoly of foreign industrial robots in the cutting-edge field. The industrial development of industrial robots in the province.

  As artificial intelligence gradually rises to the national strategy and becomes the focus of the competition among major economies, and the industrial and manufacturing transformation and upgrading show more and more obvious impetus, Zhong Zhong Intelligent’s He told us that the company has advanced technology. High-quality products and innovative ideas are one aspect of catching up with the development trend. On the other hand, it is inseparable from the active cooperation and exchange of enterprises.



Company product reality

  Therefore, the globalization strategy is the choice and response made by Zhongnan Intelligent in the era of intelligent development. In order to speed up the implementation of intelligent manufacturing, the company has accelerated its rapid integration with international development through cooperation with Siemens as early as March this year. The company has established the Hunan Industry 4.0 Innovation Center with the Changsha Municipal Government and Siemens in Germany. At present, the company has realized the introduction of its core talents and the integration of internal innovation forces. The future relies on the rich experience, extensive application and advanced German innovation provided by the Innovation Center. Technology, company products and services will further expand into the international market.

  In addition to Siemens, Zhongnan Smart has also signed contract cooperation with key enterprises in 8 key industries, covering industrial software, automotive, textile, civil explosion and other fields, in the provincial government, research and development institutions and enterprises. Thanks to various efforts, these projects have been successfully implemented and are currently being implemented in an orderly manner.



Company product reality

  Combined with the profound impact of the development of artificial intelligence on the manufacturing industry, Zhongnan Intelligent hopes to reduce the future competition gap between China and developed countries with its own efforts. The company mentioned in the latest development plan that the development of Zhongnan Intelligence will contribute to the development of local manufacturing industry from the industrial plan formulated by the government, and will land the “three 1000” projects in the next three years, that is, to cultivate 1000. An outstanding engineer in the industry, producing 1,000 patents and intellectual property rights, and serving 1,000 representative customers.

  As the important platform for Zhongnan Intelligent to show itself and seek cooperation, and to promote the implementation of future development plans, the company hopes to find more like-minded partners on the spot to jointly upgrade the industry and Efforts to rise in the industry!