Plug in the "Industry 4.0" wings to build a leading enterprise

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Plug in the "Industry 4.0" wings to build a leading enterprise




  Changsha Evening News reporter Wu Xinyu

  Nowadays, the development of smart manufacturing in Changsha is in the ascendant, and many robot companies gather here. How to stand out from the crowd and give play to the leading demonstration effect? ​​Heli, the director and deputy general manager of Hunan Zhongnan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., believes that in addition to implementing smart manufacturing and innovation and development, the company must also radiate local enterprises and promote intelligence through platform construction. Manufacturing technology in Changsha's innovation and diffusion.

  The platform in Helikou is the Hunan Industry 4.0 (Zhongnan Intelligent) Innovation Center jointly established by the company and the Changsha Municipal People's Government and Siemens in Germany this year. At present, the Innovation Center has entered the renovation stage and is expected to officially open in the first quarter of next year. By then, it will locally incubate and cultivate more intelligent manufacturing demonstration enterprises and intelligent manufacturing solution service providers.

  Product Innovation

  The number of patents ranks second in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

  Recently, the reporter walked into the Zhongnan Intelligence located in the Yuhua Economic Development Zone in Changsha, and saw many skilled workers are debugging for an aerospace grinding robot.

  As a provincial-level state-owned intelligent manufacturing platform, Zhongnan Smart takes industrial robot technology as its core, and provides products and services covering the four major fields of “land, sea, air and sky”. It is the most widely used robot enterprise in China. In the first half of this year, the company signed a new single of 140 million yuan and revenue of more than 50 million yuan.

  “We have launched the first industrial robot “Changsha No.1” independently developed by Hunan Province through continuous innovation. This has ended the monopoly of foreign brands in high-end industries such as automobile manufacturing.” He Li said that the automotive intelligent equipment system products, for example, products From simple system integration workstations to complex intelligent workshops and factories, robotics has evolved from computational intelligence to perceived intelligence. For example, the “Changsha No.1” used in the production line of Hunan Cheetah Auto Glass Coating can realize all the processes of spraying, palletizing, loading and unloading, etc., and can achieve accurate measurement, precise coating and precise installation.

  “We can make breakthroughs in many fields, thanks to our investment in independent research and development. Last year, Zhongnan Smart’s patents ranked second in the smart manufacturing field.” He Li said that the company currently holds nearly 200 patents. In the next three years, the company will also guarantee the company's innovation capability through the “three 1000” projects (ie, cultivating 1,000 outstanding engineers, producing 1,000 patents and intellectual property rights, and serving 1,000 representative customers).

  Intelligent manufacturing

  Create the most advanced industrial 4.0 technology innovation platform

  In March of this year, the Changsha Municipal Government, Siemens of Germany, and Zhongnan Intelligent jointly established the Hunan Industry 4.0 Innovation Center to jointly work on the research and development of intelligent manufacturing technology. The Innovation Center is expected to officially open in the first quarter of next year. It will rely on Zhongnan's intelligent industry experience and the widest application scenarios, combined with Germany's advanced industrial 4.0 technology to incubate and cultivate more intelligent manufacturing demonstration enterprises and intelligent manufacturing solutions. Solution service provider.

  “The core technology of the Innovation Center is digital twin technology. In layman's terms, it is to digitally copy a physical object, simulate the behavior of the object in the real environment, and simulate the product, manufacturing process and even the entire factory to improve the manufacturing enterprise. Production efficiency of product development and manufacturing.” He Li said that this technology can be used for intelligent upgrade of products, intelligent upgrade of production, intelligent upgrade of services, helping customers improve product quality and production capacity, and reduce overall cost.

  Standardization construction

  Leading the establishment of the Intelligent Manufacturing Standardization Technical Committee

  “At present, we have been approved to lead the establishment of the Hunan Provincial Intelligent Manufacturing Standardization Technical Committee.” He Li said that in November this year, the Hunan Provincial Market Supervision Administration approved the establishment of the first Hunan Intelligent Manufacturing Standardization Technical Committee, and the Secretariat Central South Intelligence.

  “Standardization is the key to interoperability in the industry. To achieve large-scale coverage of intelligent manufacturing in an industry, standardization must be carried out first.” He Li said that both Germany and the United States intend to establish their own standards and promote them to the world. To maintain the dominance of manufacturing. As a provincial-level state-owned intelligent manufacturing platform, Zhongnan Intelligent will also seize the opportunity of intelligent manufacturing standardization, commit to local and national standardization construction, and seize the leading role of global manufacturing.


  Reporter: After the operation of Hunan Industry 4.0 (Zhongnan Intelligent) Innovation Center, how can it help Changsha's intelligent manufacturing development?

  Gifts: The Innovation Center will provide all levels of knowledge and technology and product services to all companies in Changsha. Through the construction and operation of the Innovation Center, Zhongnan Intelligent Company will further develop its functions and functions as a provincial platform for intelligent manufacturing in Hunan, and complete various task indicators issued by the provincial and municipal governments. At the same time, it has greatly attracted and promoted Siemens to set up a wholly-owned regional sub-center in Changsha. It has helped Changsha to build a smart manufacturing highland and greatly enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of Changsha's intelligent manufacturing industry.

  Reporter: What are your expectations for Changsha's “Thousands of People Helping Thousands of Enterprises?”

  Gifts: Changsha's intelligent manufacturing market has great potential and should be fully explored. It is hoped that the municipal party committee and the municipal government can deeply understand the needs of enterprises, focus on smart equipment and products, intelligent production, intelligent services and other fields, improve the policy support system, and select a group of basic and qualified enterprises like Zhongnan Intelligent to carry out pilot demonstrations. The provinces and cities have vigorously promoted them. Give full play to the bridge between information exchange and docking cooperation between smart manufacturing enterprises and traditional manufacturing enterprises, and build a smart manufacturing cooperation platform for enterprises.