HNCSIE leader went to Hailuo Cement Factory to inspect and exchange

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HNCSIE leader went to Hailuo Cement Factory to inspect and exchange

On January 9th, 2018, in order to gain a deep understanding of the domestic cement industry sector, production capacity and domestic and international layout, Hunan Central South Intelligent Equipment
On January 9th, 2018, in order to gain a deep understanding of the domestic cement industry sector, production capacity and domestic and international layout, Hunan Central South Intelligent Equipment company Chairman Liu Zheng, general manager Yang Wei led the senior management team to the Conch Group headquarters for inspection and exchange, and received the Conch Group Party Secretary and Chairman Gao Dengbang and his party received a warm reception. The two sides held a discussion and exchange at the 2307 conference room of Conch Building.
Zhongnan intelligent leader went to Hailuo Cement Factory to inspect and exchange to open a new chapter in cement wisdom
As one of the largest building materials enterprise groups in China, Anhui Conch Group was established in 1996 and is one of the 120 pilot enterprise groups of the State Council. Cement manufacturing is the leading industry of the Group. At present, Conch Group has become the leader of China's cement industry, the industrial restructuring and the leader of energy saving and emission reduction.
In the process of investigation and exchange, Gao Shuji first briefly reviewed the development history of Conch Group, introduced the basic conditions of Conch Cement's production capacity, market layout and operational efficiency, and focused on the development of intelligent manufacturing of the company's cement industry from the overall height of the country and industry. Happening. He proposed that Conch launched a strategic offensive to informationization and intelligence based on the needs of the strategy and the development of the times, combined with the implementation of major national strategies such as the “One Belt and One Road”, “Made in China 2025” and “Supply-side Structural Reform”. He said that the upgrade of cement smart factory is not only the need for the industry to develop at a higher level, but also the company's own adaptation to the development of the times. It is hoped that both parties can take the opportunity of enterprise upgrade as an opportunity to actively seek cooperation opportunities and achieve mutual benefit and win-win.
Liu Zheng, chairman of Hunan Central South Intelligent Equipment company, thanked Conch Group for its warm reception. He proposed that Conch, as the best quality building materials enterprise in China, has strong comprehensive strength and excellent operating efficiency. Through this in-depth visit, I feel that the mechanism innovation, management innovation and technological innovation of Conch Group run through the whole process of business development. The Group's reform in business model, training mechanism, development mode and management system is worthy of Hunan Central South Intelligent Equipment company. Learn. He said that at present, Hunan Central South Intelligent Equipment company has ushered in new challenges and opportunities, and hopes that the two sides will strengthen communication and achieve win-win cooperation.
Finally, Yang Wei, general manager of Hunan Central South Intelligent Equipment company, said that since its establishment, Hunan Central South Intelligent Equipment company will actively adapt to market changes and needs, optimize and adjust development strategies, broaden development channels, strengthen cooperation with Conch Group, and establish friendly cooperation mechanism in cement manufacturing. Intelligent manufacturing of new formats and new models to enhance the level of intelligence in cement manufacturing and promote green, environmentally friendly and intelligent development of the industry.