Zhongnan Intelligent Debuts at the Sixth Union Annual Meeting

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Zhongnan Intelligent Debuts at the Sixth Union Annual Meeting


  On the afternoon of December 22, led by Hunan Machine Tool Industry Association, combined with Hunan Robotics and Intelligent Equipment Vocational Education Group, Hunan Mechanical Engineering Society Robotics and Intelligent Equipment Branch, Hunan Province 3D Printing Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, Changsha City The Robot Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance and the Changsha City CNC Equipment Industry Technology Innovation Strategy jointly organized six joint organizations to successfully hold joint work in 2018. Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology Deputy Director Yin Linbo, Equipment Industry Division Ma Tianyi, Deputy Office Chang Pengbin, deputy director of the Regulation Department of Hunan Science and Technology Department, Liu Ting, and deputy director of Changsha Science and Technology Bureau, Tao Hong, and other leaders came to the site to guide the work.



  Yin Linbo, deputy director of the Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, attended the meeting.



  2018 joint work annual meeting site

  The meeting was held in the lecture hall on the fifth floor of Lide Building, Hunan University of Science and Technology. More than 200 people from the six associations, including directors, directors and member units, attended the meeting. Zhongnan Intelligent Changtai Robot participated in this meeting as the chairman unit, invited unit and award-winning unit of Changsha City Robot Industry Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance, and made a theme report on the spot.



  Dr. Yang Wei, General Manager of Zhongnan Intelligent Company, read the list of winners

  The conference was hosted by Dean Yang Cuiming of Hunan Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. At the meeting, President Xu Shixiong of Hunan Machine Tool Industry Association, as the representative of the six association presidents, made a joint work report for 2018. Dr. Yang Wei, General Manager of Zhongnan Intelligent, read the evaluation document and announced the list of winners and individuals. At the conference, five advanced technology innovation units, 10 technological innovation advanced individuals, eight outstanding industry performance individuals and 12 outstanding correspondents were awarded and awarded. Zhongnan Intelligent Company won three awards.



  Gao Jinrui, executive deputy general manager of the company, gave a keynote report

  Gao Jinrui, Secretary-General of Hunan Intelligent Manufacturing Standardization Technical Committee, Executive Deputy General Manager of Zhongnan Intelligent Company, and General Manager of Changtai Robot, published the article entitled "Automatic Digital Network Intelligence - Application and Implementation of Intelligent Manufacturing in Manufacturing Industry", detailing the development of intelligent manufacturing. The status quo and frontier trends and Zhongnan Intelligent provide automation, digitalization, intelligent upgrade services and high-end intelligent products covering the whole life cycle for the whole industry and the whole industry chain, which are highly praised by the leaders and representatives.



  The audience listened enthusiastically



  Yin Wenfang, senior engineer of Zhongnan Intelligent, won the “Advanced Individual in Technology Innovation”



  Zhongnan Intelligent Innovation Research Institute Xie Sai won the "Working Active Individual" (Yin Wenfang)



  Zhongnan Intelligent Integrated Management Department Zhang Wei won the honor of "Excellent Correspondent"