Pay tribute to 2018, and we will work harder in 2019!

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Pay tribute to 2018, and we will work harder in 2019!


  Years are not living, and Heaven is rewarding. Looking back on 2018, Zhongnan Intelligent helped China Aerospace to build a "big country", serving Weichai Power's new and old kinetic energy conversion, and participating in the first 21-category model in China, the Dongfeng Light Truck Smart Project... This year, we and Siemens Industrial Software The Changsha Municipal Government cooperated to build the Hunan Industry 4.0 (Zhongnan Intelligent) Innovation Center and led the establishment of the Hunan Intelligent Manufacturing Standardization Technical Committee Secretariat. In this year, we maintained a steady growth trend and overfulfilled various operational indicators. Our market share in China's intelligent manufacturing engineering has steadily increased, profitability has improved significantly, brand awareness has expanded significantly, and a satisfactory answer has been handed over. The goal of the first echelon of the domestic intelligent manufacturing industry is further. Here, Zhongnan Intelligent expresses its heartfelt thanks to all levels of leaders, all customers, partners and friends from all walks of life who care and support the company's development for a long time! To the most loyal staff and family members of the company for the hard work of Zhongnan Intelligent Development, we are most cordial. Greetings and most sincere wishes!

  Full of feelings and full of confidence. Looking back on 2018, Zhongnan Intelligent has been continuously concerned and supported by leaders at all levels. Hu Henghua, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Changsha Municipal Party Committee, personally started the construction site and encouraged us to strengthen the "three forces"; Zhang Jianfei, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Provincial Committee of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, joined the engineers in the production workshop to cheer for us; China Textile Industry Union Gao Yong, the party secretary of the party, guided us on how to serve smart textiles with high quality and help the traditional industry to regain its youthful spirit. It also has been guided and helped by the leaders of the national ministries, the provincial and municipal governments and other levels of Huasheng Group. These are the most “intimate” and “warm-hearted” care and encouragement on the road to smart development in Central South China, which gives us more confidence in the future development.

  After ten years of grinding a sword, I tried to test my edge. We have been cultivating the smart manufacturing industry for ten years. We always adhere to the "innovation leading, open rise", reform and change mechanism, management to promote efficiency, innovation and strong core competitiveness, to achieve "professional team, cutting-edge research and development, market-oriented operation, professional management", total patent The volume and innovation index ranks in the forefront of the country's peers, and contributes to the high-quality development of Hunan's economy with its own level of innovation and ability. From 2008 to 2015, we will fight for survival. From 2016 to 2017, we will fight for the rise. We have walked through the first year of the rise of 2018 with stories and passions, and completed the reform of state-owned enterprises with the backbone of technology and management. The vitality of the employees has been stimulated and released unprecedentedly. It has also enabled more Zhongnan smart people to feel the corporate culture of “struggling people and leaning towards the strugglers”. The company has also entered the fast lane of sustained high-speed development.

  The stars are flat and wide, and the moon flows into the river. Ascending the intelligent manufacturing stage led by new technologies such as Industrial Internet, Industrial AI, and Big Data, Zhongnan Smart, as the earliest vice president unit of China Robot Industry Alliance and the secretary-general of Hunan Intelligent Manufacturing Standardization Technical Committee, will implement General Secretary Xi Jinping. The requirement of “high-quality development” is to promote the improvement of robot quality and contribute to the middle and high-end industries. In 2019, we will provide our partners with the most comprehensive and high-quality intelligent services for the whole scene. We will work hard on the issue of “card neck” in industrial development and product development, and make full use of various R&D and innovation platforms. Together with scientific research units and users, we will break through the key common technologies in the field of intelligent manufacturing such as human-computer interaction, compliance control, functional bionics, and intelligent sensing, and help the national and provincial intelligent manufacturing level and quality with practical actions.

  Happiness is a struggle! In 2019, we will work harder! In the face of new opportunities and new challenges, there is nothing to stop our determination and journey of progress and development. We will not forget our initial intentions, redouble our efforts, and strive to achieve higher levels. Quality development, and strive to create new and bigger miracles!

  Finally, I wish you all a happy family, good health and a prosperous career! 2019 We have a great journey!