Zhongnan Smart is not the same as "opening the door"

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Zhongnan Smart is not the same as "opening the door"


The best new year start, we are different

Not meeting the existing achievements, we are different

High standard cloth new bureau, we are different

Let's take a new battle every day, we are different.

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  The start is a sprint, the start is a decisive battle! After the geometric growth of business performance in 2018, at the beginning of the new year, Zhongnan Intelligent did not satisfy the existing achievements, and took advantage of the momentum to continue the strong development momentum. Just after the end of January, it has achieved a new record of over 100 million yuan, creating a new record of history with a different "open door".



  The company focuses on intelligent manufacturing technology innovation capabilities in core areas such as automobile and foundry, and strengthens its application scenario promotion capabilities. In January, it won the bid for domestic key enterprises such as Dongfeng, Geely, BYD, China National Heavy Duty Truck and ASIMCO. The total contract value has exceeded 100 million yuan. For key enterprises to win the bidding project, the company will concentrate on integrating the superior resources of technology, capital and talents to support the smooth implementation of the project, implement the high-end integrated development strategy, and strive to become an industry benchmarking project.

  The company will give full play to its technological advantages, application scenarios and brand advantages, consolidate its market leadership position in traditional advantages, accelerate the expansion of brand awareness and market share in emerging market sectors, and continue to promote high quality development. As the cornerstone of the development of Zhongnan Intelligent, Changtai Robot will inherit and adhere to the technological advantages in traditional manufacturing and accelerate the application of new information products and new technologies in manufacturing. As a high-tech company, the newly established industrial technology company will actively expand new businesses such as intelligent logistics, intelligent textiles, smart welding, intelligent material yards and smart ports. At the same time, it will promote the deep integration of industrial automation and industrial informationization, and help China's manufacturing to digitize. Accelerate the advancement of intelligence; accelerate forward-looking research and commercialization in high-performance intelligent equipment, Internet of Things technology, industrial Internet, and 5G industrial applications.

  The “opening the door” of Zhongnan’s intelligence is different, which inspires the team’s entrepreneurial passion and innovative spirit to further develop. At the end of the year, many units are busy on vacation. However, Zhongnan Intelligent has been working harder and fuller, and fully promoted the spirit of “711”. The home staff worked hard day and night to develop the best solution for the customers. The project staff adhered to the front line as usual, scrambling to seize the progress of the project and provide customers with “crossing”. The peace of mind key project, the whole staff confidently battles the new bigger victory in 2019!