No regrets 2018, no fear 2019 - Central South Intelligent New Year work will come to a successful conclusion

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No regrets 2018, no fear 2019 - Central South Intelligent New Year work will come to a successful conclusion




2019 New Year Work Conference

  New year new life. On January 27, 2019, Zhongnan Intelligent held a 2019 New Year Work Conference with the theme of “Dream Starts”. Liu Zheng, Party Secretary and Chairman of Huasheng Group, Xiao Qunfeng, Chief Engineer of Huasheng Group, and the heads of relevant departments of Huasheng Group visited. Gao Jinrui, executive deputy general manager of Zhongnan Intelligent Company, presided over the meeting.

  The meeting mainly summarized the management work of Zhongnan Smart 2018. It commended the outstanding teams and advanced individuals who have worked hard in the past year and outstanding performance, and awarded the old employees of the service company for 5 years and 10 years. Redeploy and remobilize the work of 2019 and achieve the three-year strategic goal.



  In his speech, Liu Zheng, secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Huasheng Group, highly affirmed the achievements of Zhongnan Intelligent 2018 and the spirit of team strugglers, and praised the Zhongnan Intelligent Team as an outstanding player who can take up the strategic responsibility of Huasheng Group. team. Chairman Liu Zheng pointed out that as one of the "two masters" strategy of Huasheng Group, Zhongnan Smart should continue to promote high-quality development, maintain high-efficiency growth, high-efficiency operation and high-speed development. He said that Huasheng Group will continue to provide better support for Zhongnan Intelligence in all aspects, and be a strong backing and rely on it.



  Yang Lan, general manager of Zhongnan Intelligent, made an annual work report at the meeting, carefully summarized the work of 2018, and deployed the 2019 work plan and the goal of the next two years. In 2018, the company's operating indicators were all red, and the new orders and market share all grew geometrically. The company handed over a satisfactory answer to all walks of life, and went further into the goal of entering the first echelon of the domestic intelligent manufacturing industry. General Manager Yang Wei proposed that in the next two years, Zhongnan Intelligent should firmly adhere to the development policy of “three forces” and “three arrows” to achieve supernormal and high-quality development. Strive to achieve a leading market share in leading products and leading industries in 2021, with a high level of operating income and profit, with “1000 outstanding engineers, 1000 patents and intellectual property rights, and 1,000 representative customers”. , to build a national leading industrial intelligent solution provider and intelligent manufacturing integrated service platform.



  Two subsidiaries of Changtai Robotics Co., Ltd. and Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. have signed business responsibility responsibilities with Zhongnan Intelligent Headquarters.



"Excellent Intern" winner



"Struggle New Star" winners



Winners of the Struggle



"Excellent Party Member" winners



"Excellent Team" winning team



"General Manager Special Award" winner




"5th Anniversary" employee awarding



Struggle Nova representatives awarded the company’s tenth anniversary



Winners, connecting old employees and Huasheng Group and company leaders



  The company's employees are versatile and brilliant, bringing the event to one climax, fully demonstrating the positive spirit of Zhongnan Intelligent Company's positive and confident.





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