Burning wisdom and creating youthful dreams

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Burning wisdom and creating youthful dreams




(Zhongnan Intelligent 2019 "Intelligent New Star Training Camp" started training)

  In addition to supporting the rapid development of the company and building a talented echelon during the year, Zhongnan Intelligent continued to absorb fresh power in 2019. On March 1, the company launched the first phase of 2019 new employee training and “Intelligent New Star Training Camp”. ".



(Dr. Yang Wei, General Manager of Central South Intelligence, warmly welcomes the arrival of “New Stars”)



  (Gao Jinrui, Deputy General Manager of Zhongnan Intelligent, shared the company's development history, strategy and culture)



  (Dr. He Li, the deputy general manager of Zhongnan Intelligent, met face-to-face with the “New Star”)

  The training activities started in a relaxed and pleasant laughter. This training used the PPT teaching method to explain the company's various rules and regulations and corporate culture in a simple way. The training content covered the development history, organizational structure, corporate culture and safety of Zhongnan Intelligent. Production knowledge and other content. All courses are taught by the company's senior middle school leaders.



  (Tan Guo, deputy general manager of Zhongnan Intelligent's industrial technology company, sent a "small gift" to the outstanding new employees)



(The happy atmosphere of the classroom)



(The wonderful "breaking ice" game has brought the distance between new employees closer)

  In the process of training, the company’s leaders shared the story of innovation and entrepreneurship and the interactive discussion between new and old employees, which inspired everyone’s enthusiasm for learning and enabled the “new stars” to integrate into the company environment faster and better. The journey laid the foundation and allowed the “New Stars” to work hard! Finally, the company leaders presented surprise prizes to the outstanding “New Stars”.



(Talking about dreams, fighting for words, we are serious.)



  (Speaking of being able to join the big platform of Zhongnan Intelligence, the "smart pot" after the "90" laughs and laughs.)

  Zhongnan Intelligent provides employees with a broad learning and development platform, and builds a comprehensive talent echelon training and incentive mechanism to encourage, support and help employees and enterprises to grow together.